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Đỗ Đức Vỹ

もう一度会いたい いないはずのあなたへ
まだたまに届くDM见ゐ度に すべてかよみかえる

Oh But foolish pride and impulsive decisions
Somehow it just got in the way
But still I know I believe in "Forever"
And there's something that I just gotta say

Tell me why,tell me why,oh why,oh why
Now that you have gone and
I'm left with nothing else but my pride Oh

Don't know why,don't know why,oh why,oh why
Truth is that I never thought
I'd miss your love so much when I cried

Toughts of you posses my attetion
Pictures fade from yellow to white
When our two hearts beat together
And the stars shine brightly at night Oh

目に映るものすべて まぶしく感じて
守られてたこと气づかず 强くなれた气がした

Tell me why,oh why
Fellings I can't deny
深く吸い达む 空气は冷たすぎる Oh
Don't know why,don't know why,oh why
How should I feel inside Oh
あなたわどこで 见あげているのでしよう もう一度会いたい


Thể loại:  Hong Kong,  Hoa Ngữ

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