What's Wednesday Want

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Sass Jordan

What's Wednesday Want lyrics

Half past nine in the middle of a Wednesday morning sneaker parade
The city sweats with the heat and the smoke
And all the urban decay
A boy is running with a broken arm
A dog is dreaming of a distant farm
And everybody that is here is trying to kill each other
It's killing me

What's Wednesday want from me?
I don't really wanna know
Whatever Wednesday wants
By Thursday I'll have found a way to go

Paper tigers on the magazine racks
Their mouths are roaring with rage
Old bag lady with a coffee sits there reading from a torn out page

Another thief is trying to make a break
A man is crying out for goodness' sake
The garbage turns into an ocean as the dirty gutter spills on the street

No more concrete jungle prisons
I'll be going home

Thể loại:  Âu Mỹ,  Rock

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