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You know that East Coast girls
Always say what we mean
And shy Southern boys
Often don't say a thing
But opposites attract
And you were drawn to me
And something 'bout you
Sparked my curiosity

They say that good guys
Usually don't come in first
Good girls fall for bad guys
But with us it's reverse
Not your average love song
Between you and me
The way the story unfolds
Defies gravity

Don't have to put on my makeup
I can leave out my contacts
Don't have to dress up for you
To think that I'm beautiful
If I have a moody day
I don't have to act like I'm okay
I'm overdramatic
And you know how to handle it
Act natural, be emotional
Show my insecurities
And I love the way you love me
For who I am underneath
(Who I am underneath)

They say guys keep conversation
Short and sweet
And girls can talk for hours
Till they put you to sleep
But you're the one who
Checks up on me throughout the day
You stay on the phone
Even if there's nothing to say

Most guys that I know
Like to go out at night
But you leave that to me
Cause you're not that type
And we don't need
To do anything special to be happy
We got what we need
Make each other complete


Layer by layer you unravel me
Sometimes I am rough around the edges
But you handle me gently
And layer by layer I uncover you
And discover a side of you
That I never knew underneath


Who I am underneath
I love you for loving me
For who I am underneath

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