Township Rebellion

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Rebel, rebel and yell
'Cause our people still dwell in hell
Locked in a cell
Mad is the story I tell
How long can we wait
Come on, seein'what's at stake
Action for reaction
If your mind's in a somewhat complacent state
Get a check-up
This is a stick-up
Our freedom or our life
I wish I could be peaceful
But there can be no sequel

Now freedom must be fundamental
In Johannesburg or South Central
On the mic, 'cause someoneshould tell 'em
To kick in the township rebellion

Yea, so you thought you could get with the hardlines
That fill your mind
The thoughts, battles fought
And lessons taught
And I'll display the fitness
And flip like a gymnast
Raise my fist and resist
Asleep, though we stand in the midst
Of the war
Gotta get mine
Gotta get more
Keepin' the mic warm against the norm
'Cause what does it offer me
I think often it's nothin' but a coffin

Gotta get wreck
'Til our necks never swing on a rope
From here to the cape of no hope


Why stand
On a silent platform
Fight the war
Fuck the norm

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