The World Got In Between

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Brigitte Nielsen

Once upon a time,
I saw a man who looked in my face, I thought
that love was walking but there were flames
I saw myself through your eyes,
I never knew the things I `d
Hide would be the joys of my life
you taught me love could be so strong
where you belong
You`re the sun, I´m the moon
but the world got in between
and there`s nothing we can do
You`re the day, I`m the night
but the world got in between
and I can`t tell if it`s dark or light
I know you still have love for me
In another place or in some other time
the canvas world be full of fields
that never end
and in your strong embrace
the stars begin to shine
like fairy tale and rhyme we fall in love again
Oh God I need you here today,
I just can`t let you walk away
(repeat chorus)
Like a kiss from heaven
you stepped out of a dream
Held my heart so tender
as we planted the seed
I feel you inside me even though
we`re apart
How can we deny this world
we built in our hearts.

Thể loại:  Âu Mỹ,  Pop,  Rock

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