Pure Love

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Your love is pure love

I don`t need no little lies
I just want to emphasize
I just need you love
I don`t need no foolish games
When I feel the rising flames
Inside my burning fantasy
There`s no room for apologies

Your love brings me to my knees
It makes me cry a million tears
But it's good vibrations
Your love is pure love
It`s like an everlasting dream
It`s a pure sensation

I don`t need no cheering words
I just know that loving hurts
If it`s pure and good
I don`t need no hide and seek
Strong emotions make me weak
And I need all my strength inside
To bring us safely through the night

Your love is pure love
My thoughts are like a roundabout
I get dizzy and...

Thể loại:  Electronic / Dance,  Âu Mỹ

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