Inside Out

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Started out pretending
With my good intentions on the line
When did I get locked in
When did I get stuck here wasting time
Try convincing yourself but you're not sure
If you're using your brain it's the hearts turn

Can't you see, I'm just starting
To live life inside out
Can't you see, I was faking
But now I'm all about
Inside out, inside out
No more outside looking in
Can't you see I'm just trying

Working through the weekend
Make a living that won't let me live
Say I got some time left
But they tell me time does not forgive
I was playing with fire so I got burned
But I've been using my brain it's the hearts turn


Oh - I guess this life ain't for me
Oh - I'm just the missing puzzle piece
Oh - my inside's screaming out, to be free to be free

Thể loại:  Âu Mỹ,  Pop

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