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Miu Sakamoto

Guiding us was the sun... the only thing telling us the time. The night softly faded, the sky surrendering to the light.
What we saw was the place, Years away, yet so near. It is where the edge of the sea meets the day.

As the eloquent waves welcomed us. We became the sand dissoving into the water.

遠くの時間と ポケットの中の 空間と 取りかえて待ってる 微笑みが始まる時

Love goes across the land together we'll walk on

世界中全て 確かめて作る 新しい地図 闇の夜ぬけて 南へむかう Interstate

One truth in our hearts together we'll walk on Beyond the darkness we'll be holding hands

Thể loại:  Nhật Bản,  Pop / Ballad

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