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Đỗ Đức Vỹ

Now I'm off to see the wizard
He who hold the key
To give me answers to the questions I need
He told me that I wasn't happy about the way of my world
And I had to tend to say I agree
Then he told me that you got to change your state of mind
You got to start at the beginning leave all behind
Take a new direction
Believe in your decision
And take it to the top and no one's gonna stop me
*I feel a chill when it rain rain rains
And I just won't let it get to me
I shake me head and go my my my
See my face and know what I mean
Make some sense out of this whole mess
And I couldn't careless if it kills me
Give me room to express myself
Just as long as I believe in me
A pocket full of wishes and a world of dreams
And I never seem to be complete
I thought a woman could be all the angles for me
But it turn out to be all deceit
And you'll never never know for sure
If people ever mean what they say
When taking the chances you just have to realize
Life is a gamble if you're d

Thể loại:  Hong Kong,  Hoa Ngữ

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