Another One

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Random Axe & 

Trick Trick

[Hook: Black Milk]
We got another one popping
Turn it up a notch and keep rocking
Turn it up a notch and keep knocking
The haters wanna look, then keep watching
(Ha Ha) Laugh at them, let them look
Cause they know they can't stop us
(Know they, know they) Know they can't top us
Keep dropping, niggas keep watching

[Guilty Simpson]
This one is sinful sentiments
I keep a pump like adrenaline
The opposite of innocent, gun play is imminent
The penmanship red, your dead, scribbled in blood
Wannabe thugs fled and gave the ground a hug
I got an airhead rat I like to keep doped up
Told her that she was dreaming, her man got his throat cut
Jedi mind trick a bitch, push a sell and get a chick to split the L
If the pigs flick the whip, give me bail
"What up, though?" to Brooklyn, the dogs are loose
Who calling troops? The shotguns tossing goose
And broke the treaty, I'll smoke you easy
Murder City where the rich are broke and peazy

[Trick Trick]
What the hell? I reckon they want a twelve
The second I heard this record, I figured I might as well
Aggravate and piss off those that can't stand me
Like man and the man is trying to raise a family
Ban me, I said it and I don't give a fuck, call me the outlaw
Thinking I need this business? I can do without ya'll
As long as Agent K is making fully-automatics, I'mma get it
And I ain't bullshitting you can forget it
Pussy-ass niggas popping shit on they webpages
The game has become outrageous
The stage is set for real niggas to come out with them gauges
And the gangsters out of them cages


[Sean Price]
Off the wall, no curl kit, no electric socks
Your world flip, pearl grip on the sket that pop
Murder, death, kill villain from the 'Ville
Pill-poppin', still real cocaine-cooking niggas drill poppin'
Sean Price the name, Random Axe is the group, duke
I spray shots in vain cops, fuck it you loot, duke
Hippity-hop niggas wanna rap in the booth cute
Meanwhile I got crack stacked up in the deuce shoe
Fuck fame, homie, I rap for the change only
Counter-punch suckers for lunch, I'm James Toney
You got the star look, but your ring and your chain's phony
Back of 'The Source' jewels, slap, we force cool (Ooh!)

We all one in the same
It's like I am Ruck, I am Black Milk, B
I'm Trick Trick, I am Simpson, but I'm not guilty
Rock filthy, the block's feel me
I own them, fuck a Donald Trump, I'm 'Donald Dump' I got realty
See me in HD, high-def, definitely high
Stunting caught 'em all, berry niggas cry
Oh, I know Inspectah Deck 'em in the eye
You not doing the electric, I ain't letting niggas slide
Act up, it's ramifications of blamming a gauge in
Your face, It's beef, not the shit on a sandwich your making
Amateurs faking but don't respect or knock your ganstafications
Me? I'mma a monster, my mere presence will panic a nation
Niggas 'bout as loyal as Popeye bitch Olive Oyl
No beef raps, but I got drama for you
Think about it, you know who I got with me
Brooklyn, Detroit, same shit, they both 'Rock City'

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