All I Need

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Tôn Diệu Uy

Kissin' you was not what I had planned
and now I'm not so sure just where I stand
I wasn't looking for true love
but now yor're looking at me
you're the only one I can think of
you're the only one I see
All I need.
Is just a little more time to be sure
What I feel is it all in my mind
cuz it seems so hard to believe
that you're All I need
I guess It's true we've all been hurt beefore
but it doesn't seem to matter anymore.
It may be a chance we're taking.
But it always comes to this if
this isn't love we're making
and I don't know what it is
No stars are out tonight.
but we're shining our own light
and It's nerer felt so right
Cuz girl the way I'm feeling
it's easy to believe
that you're all I need.
OH... you're all I need. Ah...

Thể loại:  Hong Kong,  Hoa Ngữ

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