A Twist Of Life (English Version)

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Xuân Nghi

In a moment I was growing up by tomorrow
Time went quickly surprised
Title tear streams cascade night
Every morning I wake up laughing quietly for a long
Thanks endless life gave them my last day.
Sparkling flower leaves swaying in the sun, in the heart of happiness.
Self-roasted hearts whispered so lucky, because the sun to see.
Life is even a minute of me. Whether rain or wind storm burst.
More haste, more shy?

DK: From this moment, prayer will always be laughing happily.
Contingency life hero, sometimes the same title storm
Only once to live, to be loved.
Life with the miracle is what we have

Rap: When I was bored the life style I do three, suddenly came to me of harmony rays dispel many thorns.
Burning belief in me, a miracle, I have not seen.
And now I'm waking up with a belief, fullness of life.
Life is going on, I will not anymore.
Strong in my belief, all the pain will be against embryonic phase.
Hey man! I can not stop.
And it will be a dream full of regrets if I forget today.

Bridge: Do you know that every word the breath of the heart.
There are reasons why we are living in the world.
Because people always step forward, because he would always live with the dream.
What magic is always there for us every day.

Thể loại:  Âu Mỹ,  Pop

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